A huge amount of water gets wasted when we allow the tap to run, when brushing our teeth, shaving, washing vegetables or simply to get the water colder for drinking. Water is precious, so stop running the tap, and capture any run water in a bowl for other uses around the house.

If you do not have a fairly new lavatory, chances are you are wasting water every time you flush, due to the cistern being too large.

Place a filled plastic bottle in the cistern to reduce the number of litres used with every flush. If it still works perfectly, experiment by adding more. Also, order an Interflush system for your WC. This flushes only as long as you keep your hand on the handle, and so reduces waste. www.interflush.co.uk

Also, if you are alone at home try flushing every two or three pee-trips rather than every single time...

Reduce your water consumption by fixing taps or any leaks in water pipes as even a small drip can add up to a lot of water over time.

Try taking showers rather than baths, and installing a water butt in the garden. Cleaning water requires huge amounts of energy and chemicals.

Use your grey water (your bath, shower and washing machine water) in the garden or to wash the car. Buy a downpipe diverter to channel "grey water". They cost about £30. www.naturalcollection.com

Don't tip large amounts of chemicals down the sink. It only ends up in your local ecosystems where your food comes from. Furthermore, too clean and sterile a house reduces your immunity systems, especially in children. Be thoughtful about cleaning

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