UK homes produced 27 million tonnes of domestic waste in 2005. It is predicted to rise another 11 per cent by 2011.

Reduce waste and recycle more. The UK has one of the worst recycling records in Europe. We recycle less waste than most of our neighbours. Let's work together to change this embarrassing fact.

It takes more energy to make products from virgin materials than it does by using recycled materials.

Reduce the amount of waste you generate by avoiding over-packaged goods, saying no to unwanted plastic bags and re-using materials where possible (such as milk bottles).

Make use of local recycling facilities, but avoid making special recycling car journeys. Ask your local authority to introduce doorstep recycling if you don't already have it.

Do not throw out your toxic household wastes, such as paint, paint thinner, and car fluids, in the garbage or down the drain. Check with your local facilities for proper disposal and avoid these products in the future.

Take your own bags to the grocery store. If you do take plastic bags, use them until they are worn out.

The average household bin contains 30% volume of organic waste. Compost your food waste and use as nutrient rich soil for your lawn. Composting helps reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill. Discounted compost bins are available by ringing: Recycling Action Line on 01225 394041.

If you don't have a yard or space for a compost pile don't worry you can still compost indoors, try indoor worm composting.

Always use reusables - mugs, lunch containers, batteries, pens, razors, etc.

Replace paper products with reusable ones (use recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper when you do have to use paper). 

Think twice about new electronics.

E-waste from discarded cell phones and computers is a growing environmental problem. Mounds of electronic refuse are being shipped abroad illegally for ‘disassembly' by workers with little protection against the mercury and other toxic substances they contain.

Keep your electronics as long as possible and dispose of them responsibly when the time comes.

Buy higher-quality items and don't give in to ‘psychological obsolescence' marketing campaigns.

Recycle your cell phone and support good causes at the same time!

From furniture to electronics, one person's trash is another's treasure — so when you want to dispose of an old item, don't make the dump your first stop. Two sites with alternatives: and The Freecycle Network describes itself as "a place to give or receive what you have and don't need or what you need and don't have — to keep stuff out of landfills." The Earth 911 Website offers community-specific resources, with a focus on recycling.


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