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- info and links, Canadian site

www.drbronner.com - dr. bronner's magic soaps - ecological products which include hemp products

- all natural footwear, knitwear, and special gifts

www.ecolution.com - eco oriented manufacturer of quality hemp products, Romania.

www.globalhemp.com - industrial hemp products, news, articles, and more, sells hemp clothing, jewellery, food, twine, body care and more.

www.hemp.com - eco hemp products and hemp info. US site.

www.hempfabric.co.uk - dedicated hemp fabric online shopping

www.hempfood.com - hemp nuts and other products

www.hempgarden.co.uk - products utilising hemp as a base ingredient

www.hemplady.com - body care products

www.hempmuseum.org - display the history, the present, and potential of the most famous and infamous plant in the history of the world's people, Cannabis sativa or (in English) hemp.

www.hempnation.com - discusses difference between industrial hemp and cannabis - from farming to politics.

www.hempreport.com - a subscription-based online trade journal covering the North America hemp industry: agriculture, processing, marketing, research, business and regulatory news, and updates.

www.thehempshop.co.uk - all things hemp

www.thehempstore.co.uk - offers goods made using this environmentally kind plant.

- information about Canadian-grown and made hemp products

- provides manufacturers, companies, designers, students, and individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to utilize hemp effectively in their projects. Also sells products of all kinds

www.hempworld.com - all things hemp

- clothing, accessories,stationery, food, oil and cosmetics

www.houseofhemp.co.uk - hand crochet and hand knitted hemp garments

www.industrialhemp.net - site with extensive information on industrial hemp, legislation, trade organisations and more

www.manitobaharvest.com - vertically integrated hemp food manufacturer, offering the freshest and highest quality staple hemp food products in the world.

www.motherhemp.com - one of the largest providers of hemp-based products to the European market. Provides hemp oil, hemp seed, textiles, clothes, and many other industrial hemp products.

www.saskhemp.com - dedicated to the development of the industrial hemp sector in Saskatchewan and Western Canada

www.votehemp.com - non-profit organisation dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp.

www.thehia.org - The Hemp Industries Association is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters.

www.yaoh.co.uk - based in Bristol UK and is primarily a hemp company, with a range of hemp bodycare and food products.

www.zelfoaustralia.com - offers you a new high strength, high performance material which cares for the environment and your bottom line.

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