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A Seed Europe
-is the European Hub of a Global Network committed to environmental and social justice. A Seed has worked since 1992 to highlight the environmental crisis within the corporate led economic globalisation process.

British Medical Association - includes statement from the BMA on GM

Campaign to ban genetically engineered foods
- offers information in English, German, Spanish and Swedish and many links worldwide.

Center for Food Safety (USA)
- works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production

Corporate Watch
- for briefings on GMOs (for e.g. "From test tube to tummy"), Animal Feed & GE, grain multinational Cargill, and other subjects relating to genetics, plus maps on GM sites in the UK

Dig It Up
- a call to remove GM Oilseed Rape from Britain's countryside.

- not-for-profit public interest research organisation and science watchdog offering a rigorous research critique of genetic engineering.

Five Year Freeze Campaign - the campaign is calling on the Government for a Five Year Freeze on: Growing genetically engineered crops for any commercial purpose, imports of genetically engineered foods and farm crops and the patenting of genetic resources for food and farm crops.

The Food Commission
- is the UK's leading independent watchdog on food issues. Thy have been campaigning for safer, healthier food for over ten years.

Friends Of The Earth
- FoE's website highlighting GM issues.

Genetic Engineering Network
- UK Network of campaigns groups

Genetic Food Alert
- campaign for a GM-free trade and a ban on the production, import and sale of GM food and crops.

Genetix Snowball (UK)
- a campaign for non-violent civil responsibility

- concerned with the ethics and risks of genetic engineering.

Greenpeace True Food Campaign
- the Greenpeace booklet ' GM on trial ', prepared from the scientific evidence that was used in support of 28 Greenpeace volunteers who were put on trial in Norwich for the removal of a GM maize crop. Greenpeace's guide to GM and GM-free products can be found here .

Henry Doubleday Research Association- Europe's largest organic organisation, specialising in organic gardening and food in the UK, and small scale agriculture in developing countries. Lots of practical 'Grow Your Own' info from one of the world's most respected organic research organisations.

Organic Consumers' Association (USA)
(forrmerly Pure Food Campaign) an informative US-based site packed with vital knowledge for all real foodies. Includes GM Food News Page and Organic Food News

Primal Seeds
- website which have features on, among other things: Crop Squatting and Guerilla Gardening .

Soil Association
- the Soil Association has been at the centre of the fight for safe, healthy food, protection of the environment and policies for sustainable farming and resource use in Britain and worldwide since it's formation in 1946. The SA has always stressed the interconnectedness of all living things: soil, plants, animals and man. Keeping the balance between these elements is only possible if we farm organically.

Sustain (Safe Alliance) - the Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment Alliance exists to unite farmer, environmental, consumer, animal welfare and development organisations. "We share a common vision of food production which is beneficial to the environment, sensitive to consumer demand and the need for global equity, and which produces safe and healthy food in a manner supportive of rural life and culture."

Totnes Genetics Group - educational site with up-to-date news and links includes contact list for local GM campaign groups in the UK

Women's Environmental Network
- WEN campaigns for a freeze on genetic engineering in food and farming. No patenting of genes, plants and animals. Biodiversity, biosafety, the right to save seeds and responsible, sustainable farming are central to our campaign

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